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1. Acceptance of Terms

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Prohibited acts

An important criterion is available on our website, your next is prohibited.
(1) Acts violating the privacy of our property or any third party, or action that might infringe
(2) Disadvantage or harm the Company Act or any third party, or is likely to act in
(3) The act or is likely to act contrary to public order
(4) The act or acts that may lead to criminal acts or criminal acts
(5) False declaration, such as e-mail address for others, make the notification act
(6) Acts for the purpose of preparing an act or conduct business for profit or
(7) Act of defaming the reputation of the Company or a third party
(8) The act or acts that may use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses
(9) Other legal actions have or is likely to act in violation of laws or ordinances
(10) Other acts deemed not appropriate by the Company



When the information posted on this website we pay close attention to the information published is accurate, no guarantee that the most recent error in the information and data is downloaded, damage resulting from such falsification of data by third parties, we will not assume any responsibility.
The Company website is accessed through the links, no responsibility. The link to our affiliate links, does not mean you have a partner and relationship.
Information about products and services in this website may not be available in the region or country. Which was intended to be available in all countries of the region is not required.



The contents of third party websites are linking to our website or from our site, we recommend not endorse, any web site visitors caused by the use of third party websites assumes no responsibility.
When links, logos KATO WORKS Forbids the use of.
When the link must be linked to the home page of our website



Copyrighted works are posted on this website are owned by the Company or its related companies as a rule.
Your use of this website will be limited to the purpose of using non-commercial purposes in your house can be hard copy text on this website. Beyond that permitted by the Copyright Act otherwise, public transmission, modification, conversion, sale and use by the right person as long as permission of the Company, strictly prohibited.


Other Trademark Symbol

The logo is the registered trademark of KATO WORKS CO.,LTD.
We have the license of the logoas the KATO Group. License to the customer is not done at all.
Product names and service names are posted on this website other trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company as a rule. Also, in the name of other products and service names may be used for publicity or advertising without the prior written permission is strictly prohibited.


Intellectual Property Rights

This website, the Company or a third party patent rights, trademark rights, under any rights granted under copyright and other intellectual property rights is not.


Handling of Personal Information

Our privacy policy, proper management is committed to respect for privacy of your personal information.


On Law and Jurisdiction

Terms of interpretation and application of use of our website and, unless otherwise specified, shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, all disputes relating to the use of this site, unless otherwise specified, and shall have exclusive jurisdiction of first instance the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.